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Ukraine Airport

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Ukraine Airport

Ukraine has a large group of distinguished airports, which are located in different cities, the most important of which is Ukraine International Airport, which is distinguished by the quality of hospitality services and receives dozens of daily flights from different countries and capitals around the world, in addition to offering distinguished flight prices in various degrees to suit all groups. It is worth noting that the capital of Ukraine It has two international airports that provide perfect services with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency.

Ukraine International Airport "Boryspil"

Boryspil Airport is the largest among the list of airports owned by Ukraine in terms of area, as it receives more than 60% of the number of flights throughout the day, as it is located in the east of the city of Kiev, and the number of passengers it serves throughout the year is more than eight million Passenger and provide services with complete professionalism but at the highest price.

How Airport Services

Kyiv-Ukraine International Airport is the only one that operates air traffic among all the villages. It is also distinguished by its proximity to all neighborhoods. In the current period, work is underway to establish a dedicated line to move from all places to the airport.

It features direct flights to and from:-

  • Queen Alia airport.
  • Athens Airport.
  • Bologna
  • Brussels
  • Baghdad
  • Barcelona
  • Amsterdam
  • Almaty
  • Barcelona
  • Bratislava
  • Oreo Al Sri
  • Alicante
  • Stockholm Arlanda Airport.
  • Madrid
  • Munich
  • Lisbon Airport
  • Sharjah Airport

Among the most popular airlines are French and Polish flights, along with Arab Airlines and Baltic Airlines, in addition to the fact that Ukraine's airport "Kiev" is the second largest airport in the list.

The airport is also characterized by the presence of a museum that is considered a tourist destination by visitors, as it contains a large collection of old aircraft of both types, military, as well as civil aircraft and a lot of public transportation in Ukraine.

Ukraine's best airports

Ukraine is one of the most touristic countries distinguished by the multiplicity of visits. It is also considered a tourist interface from different countries and continents of the world because it has many archaeological areas, which are considered one of the cultural monuments. It also has a lot of landscapes that are visited for recreation and for a period of relaxation and enjoyment of the attractive and charming views. It owns a group of distinguished airports, the most famous of which are:-

  • Odessa International Airport is distinguished by its strategic location, as it connects a number of cities, including Warsaw, Dubai, Sofia, Istanbul Airport, as well as Tel Aviv Airport. Once the new building was opened at the beginning of 2017, it served more than 1.5 million passengers.
  • Kharkov International Airport is about 12 km away from the city of Kharkiv, in addition to being considered one of the distinguished flights in Ukraine, and it provides a number of flights on a regular basis to Kilan, Tel Aviv and Istanbul.
  • Ukraine's "Dnepropetrovsk" airport is considered one of the best airports that provides excellent flight services at unbeatable prices and serves about half a million passengers annually.
  • Nairobi Tovsk International Airport serves short and domestic flights, and it is strategically located 4 km from the city.

Ukraine Airport Services

Ukraine Airport provides many services to passengers and travelers through Ukraine Airlines, and the most important thing it does is:-

  • Facilitate a lot of procedures and make them take place electronically.
  • Providing free internet and waiting services in the halls for free.
  • Saving effort on all travelers and providing free baggage handling services and working on baggage wrapping at the lowest prices.
  • A range of restaurants and cafes are available for meals or drinks and natural juices.
  • Providing currency exchange services in addition to medical services such as hospitals and pharmacies.
  • There are markets to buy some items and spend special times.
  • Providing a group of flights and receiving a group of airlines such as: - (Airlines - Jordanian Airlines)
  • Excellent customer service to respond to inquiries and direct passengers to the correct procedures in more than one language.

What is the Lviv airport code? Many travelers search for the Lviv International Airport code, so that it is used to immortalize flights and the ability to know the international flights received by the airport on a weekly basis. It is worth noting that the airport code is LWO.

What are the conditions for entering Ukraine airport?

Ukraine airport is considered a distinct tourist destination, as by millions of individuals, and therefore one of the most sought after is the procedures or conditions for travel to Ukraine, as they differ from one country to another. Through the article, the conditions for travel and entry to airports are clarified, which are as follows:-

  • In the beginning, a visa or entry visa must be obtained for all travelers to Ukraine except for Saudis and Omanis, due to the possibility of obtaining a visa at the airport and it is valid for six months.
  • A financial insurance is required to be determined when travelers book through the Internet and determined by the airlines of each country.
  • There must be medical insurance and it must be obtained by some companies on the Internet officially.
  • The existence of a certificate stating that the corona virus smear is negative, sealed by the competent authority, provided that it has not been passed for more than 72 hours and that the traveler has taken the specified doses, for all travelers whose age is less than 12 years.

What documents are viewed at the airport of Ukraine?

There are a number of documents and procedures that airport staff review while at the airport of Ukraine, the most important of which are to be ready with you before traveling:-

  • A certificate stating that the vaccination was obtained, and that it did not pass two weeks ago.
  • The presence of a certificate stamped from an official body proving that the prescribed doses were obtained from the aircraft steps, which did not pass 48 hours.
  • A document proving recovery from a period of no less than six months in the case of a previous infection with Covid 19.
  • Precautionary measures must be adhered to and face masks must be worn. The distance between travelers must be at least one and a half meters.

Cheap flight booking tips

There is a set of tips and instructions that are provided by flight reservation officials so that you can book flights at the lowest prices due to the presence of many airlines to and from the airport of Ukraine, including:-

You have to make a reservation well in advance of the flight, and therefore it is considered the lowest price at all, and the closer the time, the higher the cost.

  • It is preferable to choose days in the middle of the week and to stay away from weekends.
  • Choose an airport to which the flight ticket is the lowest, other than the capitals.
  • You should look and search seriously for the prices of airline tickets through the websites specialized in booking hotels and airline tickets.
  • You can choose the return flight tickets as they save in the budget as well as see the offers that are sent on the mailing list to send the latest offers.
  • It is preferable to choose single tickets, as they are the best, rather than choosing family ticket categories, as they are considered higher in price.


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