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Tourism in Absheron

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Tourism in Absheron

Tourism in Absheron is one of the best tourist areas in the historical city of Baku. The Absheron Park extends with a length of 783 hectares of protected land and is one of the ideal places to see the amazing flora and fauna of Azerbaijan. The national park has a full range of local wildlife such as deer and many more. It is a species of wild birds, so it is known about this place that the water inside is very clear and wonderful and suitable for wildlife including eel, if you are a fan of wild hunting animals there you can visit the place in the month of September and beyond.

Tourism in Absheron

Absheron, the Caspian coast, is a popular tourist destination; Because of its warm climate, so you can relax all year round, and you can swim and sunbathe in the summer and from May to September, so there are a lot of attractions that are found in the Absheron region, which are as follows:

  • A modern hotel is built with private beaches that are maintained in a circular motion to make you feel comfortable, recreation and fun.
  • The climate of the peninsula is subtropical and that is why the winters in Baku are short and mild in the summer, despite the fact that the city of Baku lies on the same line as Italy or Greece.
  • Precipitation in Absheron is not frequent and the average annual temperature is slightly higher.
  • Tourism in Absheron, which is washed by the waters of the Caspian Sea, is characterized by its sandy beaches and many suburban settlements.
  • There are many hotels, water parks, restaurants and cafes.

Absheron tour itinerary

You may have a chance to see five or four historical and cultural places in one day, and this tour is one of the most famous tours like tourism in Absheron, through the following steps:

  • The driver will meet you at your hotel in Baku until the city tour begins in the old part of the Azerbaijani capital.
  • You can visit the Al-Bakr Tower and the market square, which contains many art studios and shops that offer souvenirs.
  • You have to walk down Al-Shuhada Street which is called Shehdler Khibani among the locals.
  • When you walk into Martyrs Lane you will find plenty of stunning views of the Baku coast.
  • Head to the Absheron Peninsula, the first stop is located in the mountain of fire known as Burning Hill, where natural gas has been blazing for hundreds of years.

Sightseeing in Baku

After getting acquainted with tourism in Absheron, the city of Baku provides you with a large number of distinguished places to stay in and accommodate the arrivals to it, and among these international tourist attractions:

Chekhov Beach

It is one of the wonderful and beautiful public and free beaches in Baku, where the beach is hugely popular with locals and tourists alike, and the main reason for this is; Enjoying many of the wonderful natural ingredients, Chekhov Beach is characterized by pure blue water and soft, clean, picturesque sand, which enables you to relax on it and build sand castles with children or through solarization.

Crescent Beach

There is also the Crescent Beach near Chekhov Beach, next to the Mambo Beach, where it extends over an area of ​​400 meters of fine, clean sand. The Crescent includes many necessary beach services that visitors need, such as lifeguards and many others; To ensure a good time at the beach.

Belga Beach

Belga Beach is one of the best tourist beaches in Baku, located in the north-east. The beach is characterized by wide sandy stretches, and there are many service facilities such as renting sunbeds and meditating in the charming picturesque atmosphere, and a lot of umbrellas to protect from the sun, And changing rooms, and there are many wonderful restaurants, cafes and resorts.

Amburan Beach

The beach is considered one of the best beach clubs in the Azerbaijani capital, and it is one of the most attractive areas for visitors from all over. The beach club is also characterized by the beauty of calm and clean nature, and the availability of all necessary services for visitors.

Sea Zone Beach

Sea Zone Beach is known as one of the most ideal destinations for lovers of tranquility and harmony in the lap of charming nature. It is considered one of the best recreational tourist destinations in Baku because of its uniqueness in nature, and away from the noise of the city, as it is located on the northern side of the Absheron Peninsula.

Absheron area features

It is a sandy area characterized by a rich history of archaeological excavations that testify to its colonization from the Bronze Age, so many people are looking for tourism in Absheron, as well as rocky and archaeological pieces that have been preserved to this day, and the peninsula is mostly dominated by semi-desert vegetation, And many local animals such as hares, foxes, lizards, tortoises and frogs, and saffron, olives, almonds and olives grow in subtropical orchards.

History of the Absheron Peninsula

The history of the Absheron Peninsula is rich in many historical monuments and the most popular among tourists is the Nardaran Fort, which was built in the 14th century. Scientists and historians have suggested on the basis of many years of research that it was originally built as a temple. Also, one of the ancient architectural monuments is a round castle. In the village of Mardakian, which was built in 1232, it is a 5-storey fortress with a height of 22 meters.

Tours around the village of Absheron

The village of Absheron is very popular among tourists, whose number exceeds 60 villages, where many worker settlements arose in the Soviet era, where Azerbaijani guests are introduced to the cuisine, traditions and customs of the Caucasian people, and the most popular dish is served there, which is prepared using fuel so rice comes Separately it is generously steamed with spices and prunes.

Sightseeing in Absheron

After getting acquainted with tourism in Absheron; It is necessary to identify the most important tourist attractions in Azerbaijan that must be visited, which include the following:

  • Visiting the attractive places and the glorious buildings such as the old city, the Palace of the Shirvanshahs, the Maiden's Tower and many more picturesque places.
  • Watching belly dancing in Karanvansaray, and visiting archaeological sites rich in carvings, rocks and mud volcanoes, through tourism in Absheron.
  • Visiting the oldest hammam in history, Hammam Mihalisi.
  • The Opera House, Ballet Theatre, and the Book Museum for miniature books.
  • Go to rich and historical museums in archeology, art and history such as Baku Museum of Art and Azerbaijan State History Museum.
  • Visiting recreational places located in the city center such as Fountain Square, Leila Beach, and Yanar Dag Al Jazeera, which is known as a natural gas burning spot.
  • Visiting a lot of restaurants that offer all foods of an oriental flavor and special meals from Azerbaijani cuisine, where these restaurants vary from luxurious to ordinary and at reasonable prices.

At the end of the article, we have shown you a lot of information related to tourism in Absheron, which is one of the best historical tourist attractions that many travelers and tourists from different countries of the world come to visit; Because it is one of my favorite areas for local and foreign tourists.

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