Travel News: Complete guide for tourism in Azerbaijan

Complete guide for tourism in Azerbaijan

07 Mar 2022   |   24 min ago read   |   Travel guide

Complete guide for tourism in Azerbaijan

The complete guide to tourism in Azerbaijan, which is considered one of the most famous and best places and tourist attractions in Azerbaijan, as it attracted many tourism lovers in Europe, as there is a mixture between eastern and western cultures and civilizations. natural.

You can also enjoy everything. The climatic diversity in this tourist city allows the animal life to be diverse to include deer, bears, foxes, and a lot of diverse birds that you can find in Azerbaijan, where many lovers of hunting and adventure.

Complete guide for tourism in Azerbaijan

The people of Azerbaijan smile at you wherever you go. The great and wonderful Caucasus Mountains look out to you from afar. There are many historical buildings and monuments that reveal to you the greatness of its history. This country is located on the border between the continents of Asia and Europe, which will make you discover it as soon as you reach it; Because it is one of the most beautiful tourist countries that enjoys picturesque landscapes, so we put in your hands the complete guide for tourism in the state of Azerbaijan, including seeing the tourist scenes and places frequented by many to taste the most delicious local and international cuisine.

Important tips to save expenses in Azerbaijan

After getting acquainted with the complete guide to tourism in Azerbaijan, those with limited budgets can enjoy their trips to Azerbaijan while saving a lot of money, and not spending a lot. To do so, please follow the following tips:

  • You have to do the free walking tours in Baku and other picturesque tourist cities where you can move from one place to another and explore the landscape without spending a lot of money.
  • You can cook your own food in the kitchens of the hostel or the place of residence in which you are staying, as there are many advantages in Azerbaijan markets > because they offer vegetables, fruits and other products at the cheapest prices.
  • Enjoying the free areas where Azerbaijan has many attractions, picturesque places and green spaces that allow you to practice many free activities, such as climbing, running and moving from one place to another without spending a lot of money.


How to keep your security in Azerbaijan

After knowing the complete guide to tourism in Azerbaijan, we can say that the country of Azerbaijan is one of the countries that many tourists around the world visit; Because it is one of the safest countries, especially since those responsible for the tourism sector are doing their best to get rid of terrorism or crimes related to tourism, but there are some things that you must do to ensure that you are not exposed to any crisis or problem that threatens your security and safety, which are:

  • Maintain your passport and keep more than one copy of your official papers, including your identity card.
  • Before traveling to Azerbaijan, it is preferable to do a quick search on the Internet in order to identify the best accommodation and restaurants, and to know the extent to which travelers and other tourists evaluate these places.

The best restaurants in the tourist country of Azerbaijan

After getting acquainted with the complete guide to tourism in Azerbaijan, you can get to know all the restaurants and eat the most delicious and delicious food in the restaurants of this picturesque tourist country, which serves local and international meals, in addition to providing delicious and hot local drinks, and below there are some distinctive restaurants in Azerbaijan, Which Al-Zorah referred to as providing distinguished service and delicious and delicious food, as follows:

Mari Vanna

It is one of the best restaurants in Azerbaijan, because it is comfortable and quiet and serves delicious and delicious meals. It is also distinguished by its dazzling and distinctive design such as:

  • It is decorated with many forms of porcelain and has many lampshades, books, pictures and paintings on the walls.
  • Hanging from the ceiling is a very elegant chandelier, where the restaurant serves you a variety of delicious, local and foreign meals.
  • It offers a lot of refreshing and homemade drinks.

Scalini Italian Restaurant

It is an ideal place to eat delicious and delicious meals with your family and those close to you, as the restaurant has attracted many visitors with its yellow interior, and serves a lot of delicious dishes, but you should not forget to book your table before heading there, and it is crowded in most It is one of the favorite places for travelers and tourists.

Dolma Restaurant

By getting acquainted with the complete guide to tourism in Azerbaijan, if you want to eat a group of the most delicious and best European foods and meals, you should not hesitate and go to this restaurant, which you can have many advantages, including:

  • The restaurant is located near the fountain, which means that you will enjoy a lot of scenery and beauty.
  • Where the interior design brings visitors back to ancient times, by visiting this restaurant, you will be guaranteed a sense of relaxation and pleasure at the same time.
  • Serves a lot of delicious and delicious meals.

The best tourist attractions

There are many tourist attractions that tourists come to from all over the world, and these places are:

The capital of the state of Azerbaijan

By getting acquainted with the complete guide to tourism in Azerbaijan, so we can know that Baku is the capital of the state of Azerbaijan and blends in it the fragrant history and ancient civilizations that go back to the middle with the presence of development and modernity. Among the attractions and the surrounding tourist places are:

Torch Towers

The towers are about 182 meters high and are located above the Gulf of Baku, which are three zigzag and pointed buildings that look like blazing fires, for that reason they were called the Torch Towers. They include many commercial and residential facilities, shopping centers, and many office complexes. Shopaholics are on top of the buildings to enjoy seeing the scenic surroundings.

Mini Venice

The Italian city of Venice will awaken you the similar experience, as it includes many small areas in Baku, and the locals use small boats to transport tourists from one place to another, and this area is one of the most important romantic areas in Azerbaijan.

Shirvanshahs . Palace

The palace is distinguished by its distinctive architectural design, as it was the seat of the ruling family 800 years ago, and UNESCO was included in the World Heritage List. The palace, which dates back to the fifteenth century, includes a palace, a mosque, burial cellars and a mausoleum, making it the most important tourist attraction in Baku. Tourist attractions through the complete guide to tourism in Azerbaijan.


A cylindrical tower dating back more than 1,000 years, many experts believe that the UNESCO-listed Maiden’s Tower was originally a Zoroastrian worship center before it became a watchtower in the eighteenth century. There is a popular cylinder around it. I say that one of the kings wanted to marry his daughter, so he built a high-rise tower in order to postpone the wedding to her father, and eventually threw herself from him to end her life, and inside the tower, which is 28 meters high, there is a spiral staircase that reaches the top From it, there are a lot of tourists who come from different countries to have a look at the wonderful city and the picturesque nature.

At the end of the article, we have shown you the complete guide to tourism in Azerbaijan and many of the scenic attractions that many travelers come to in order to enjoy these wonderful historical scenes.

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