Travel News: Tourism in Ganja and the attractions of this wonderful tourist city

Tourism in Ganja and the attractions of this wonderful tourist city

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Tourism in Ganja and the attractions of this wonderful tourist city

Many want to experience tourism in Ganja and enjoy the wonderful attractions that are located there, as this city combines Turkish, Russian and Persian civilization and culture due to its excellent geographical location, and the availability of distinctive markets and restaurants that attract the attention of tourists from all over the world. It combines the culture of all religions, as it includes many mosques and ancient churches, and is characterized by its excellent location and a wonderful center between the European cities of the world and other wonderful distinctive factors that make it the first in terms of tourism and center, and through the following article we will learn about a set of points The importance of this wonderful city and its tourism, and to clarify everything that tourists want to know about this charming city and its most famous tourist attractions.

Tourism in Ganja

Before we get to know the most famous tourist attractions in Ganja Azerbaijan, we will get acquainted with a simple introduction about this charming city. We can identify through the following:

The city of Ganja Azerbaijan is located in the Caucasus between the continents of Asia and Europe, and this city meets Russia from the northern border, and Armenia is the first destination for the city of Ganja Azerbaijan from the west, Iran is the southern face of this city, and most of the area of ​​this city is located in Turkey.

Ganja is one of the second countries in terms of area in the city of Azerbaijan, with a population of about 500,000 people. The Soviet Union is the main founder of this city. The years 859-860 were chosen as the appropriate time period for building this city. This is what made it one of the oldest cities in the Caucasus and contemporary Ganja Big events and the colonization of Azerbaijan until it became the most welcoming city for tourists among other cities in the world, and many people flock to experience tourism in Ganja and visit the cultural, tourist and historical attractions that this city includes.

Islam is the main religion for all residents of Ganja, but this religion is dominated by Shiite traditions, so this city includes huge numbers of mosques and also includes some famous churches in the different areas of Ganja.

Climate in Ganja

The climate is one of the elements that people wonder about when traveling. Tourism in Ganja. We can learn about the temperatures in this city through the following lines:

  • Ganja is known for its arid climate, which is moderately hot in June, July, August and September.
  • The temperatures in this city range between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius.
  • The peak temperatures in the city of Ganja are in the middle months, April and May, and the climate can change in October.
  • Therefore, the appropriate timing for tourism in Ganja must be chosen so that the climate is suitable for this visit to enjoy the city and its ancient historical monuments.

The most famous tourist attractions in Ganja

Below we will get acquainted with the most famous and prominent tourist attractions that are visited when experiencing tourism in Ganja, and these attractions are as follows:

Lake Guigel

This lake is one of the most beautiful lakes that were established in Azerbaijan. It is located in a mountainous area at an altitude of 1500 meters. This lake is separated from the main headquarters of the residents of Ganja, so tourists flock to it to enjoy this charming view.

Nizami shrine

The second landmark that tourists go to is Nizami's shrine. This name was chosen in relation to the famous character in literature and poetry Nizami, as this site is his main shrine. This shrine includes a variety of green spaces.

Sheikh Bahaa El Din Complex

This religious complex was built in 1606 by Sheikh Baha Al-Din and contains large numbers of ancient mosques, and specific parts were allocated for men and women separate from each other. These mosques are distinguished by their interior designs, as they contain wonderful Islamic decorations and writings.

Ganja Castle

 This castle is the most prominent tourist attraction in the city of Ganja, and the number of tourists is very high. This castle was built as a fortification building from enemies.

Jawad Khan Street

This street is one of the tourist streets in Ganja, as it includes a group of historical buildings in terms of history and design. Cars are not allowed to roam in this street, which makes the experience of wandering in this street a special one.

Imamzadeh Complex

This complex contains many ancient mosques and shrines and has been designed in a distinctive way since 1991, and tourists from all over the world flock to it.

Markets in the city of Ganja

When experiencing tourism in Ganja, the centers and markets in this wonderful city should not be overlooked, and you can go to it to buy distinctive souvenirs, and the most famous of these markets are:

Ganja Mall

It is one of the most famous and prominent markets available in this city, and The Mall is keen to provide all kinds of international brands that tourists can need in clothes, personal products and accessories.

le nail scholl & shop

This shopping center is one of the most prominent and important markets in the city of Ganja, because it provides different types of products at the cheapest prices to suit the budget of tourists, souvenirs can be purchased from this shopping center.


Smartcomp is a lively center in Ganja and a tourist can do his shopping at its corners while shopping and buy clothes of different sizes, watches, gifts and other purchases from it.

Ways to reach the city of Ganja

There is more than one way to reach this tourist city and enjoy tourism in Ganja, and these methods are as follows:

  • The plane is the first way to reach Ganja, as it has an international airport that can be used to reach your desired location in this city.
  • The express train is the second choice for those who wish to travel in Ganja, this journey takes less than seven hours per day.
  • You can use the buses available in Ganja to move between the wonderful attractions and enjoy the experience of each landmark.
  • The cost of tourism in Ganja
  • Through the following lines, we will get acquainted with the final cost that is paid by tourism in Ganja and staying in this wonderful city, and this cost will be as follows:
  • The visa is the first factor affecting the cost of travel to the tourist city of Ganja, and the value of the visa is paid at the airport.
  • Air tickets are one of the main factors affecting the cost of the visit.
  • The expenses paid in the city's hotels are one of the factors affecting the cost of tourism in Ganja. The cost of a one-night stay in a hotel is $154.
  • Ganja has a large number of different restaurants, and the prices of each restaurant differ from the other, but the final cost is average.
  • The cost of visiting this charming city can increase after visiting the wonderful archaeological and historical monuments that are available in this charming city and enjoying every feature in it well.
  • The city has perfect high-end cafes, and this is what attracts tourists from all over the world who want to go to this wonderful city and enjoy everything in it.

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