About Us


In the thick of the online travel market, CapitalTravel stands out from the crowd to announce itself as the last haven for travelers to quench their wanderlust, to come up with a whole plan for their journey, and to turn it into reality. Capital Travel is an online travel platform intelligently designed to empower the travelers in the MENA region and beyond as well as to enable them to pick up information concerning flight tickets, hotel bookings, car rental, and travel insurance enhanced by a powerful search engine to filter and customize the search results to find a convenient choice.

Whether you are a new explorer or a worldly-wise traveler, you will find Capital Travel a resourceful reference to find every tidbit of information you are after and hence book your flight and hotel accommodation, rent a car, and get travel insurance. Moreover, what is distinctive about Capital Travel is that it has a direct integration with low-cost carriers all over the world, which enriches its competence to make the lowest fare tickets available; however, this competence further entails flight tickets from all leading airlines that provide luxurious services through various classes.  


As a response to the technology effects on the travel industry, Capital Travel was founded by year Georgian Capital, with headquartered in Tiblisi.

It was created to empower the United Arab Emirates traveler with instant booking and comprehensive choices. The company began its journey in georgia market, to become now a major e-commerce player in the travel industry of the MENA region. Today, Georgian Capital is much more than just a travel portal or a famous pioneering brand; it is a one-stop-travel shop that offers the broadest selection of travel products and services in UAE and MENA region.

Our Mission

The pleasure of the customer is always the powerful motivator to be a world leader in the vacation rental industry. Accordingly, we provide the world’s preferred travel planning tools via an efficient search engine to help the passenger make the most of his journey, taking the hassle out of his/her mind.

It always seeks to reinforce its platform with cutting-edge technology and round-the-clock customer support to providing travelers with the perfect deal that works with their schedule and budget. Moreover, it employs a team from all walks of life who are passionate and wholehearted about the same goal.  

How Do We Achieve Our Mission?

With the foresight to seize the opportunities in the domestic and international travel market, brought on by a slew of new airlines,Capital Travel offered travelers the convenience of online travel bookings at rock-bottom prices. Rapidly,  Capital Travel became the preferred choice of travelers who were delighted to be empowered by a few mouse clicks!

By adopting the latest technology, the team strives to envisage the requirements of website and mobile applications users to stay ahead of the curve by continually evolving its technology to be visually appealing. Additionally, to reflect the customer-centricity policy that the company takes in, it founded customer support 24/7 for those who prefer to deal with humans.

Steadily establishing itself across the United Arab Emirates,Capital Travel simultaneously nurtured the growth of its offline businesses like its franchises and affiliates, augmenting the brand’s already strong retail presence further.

Finally, we believe that simplicity overpowers complexity, and being fast blazes a trail into the mainstream.

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