Travel News: The advantages of tourism in Lankaran and the most famous historical monuments in this city

The advantages of tourism in Lankaran and the most famous historical monuments in this city

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The advantages of tourism in Lankaran and the most famous historical monuments in this city

Tourism in Lankaran is distinctive and enjoyed by everyone who does this experience, because this city includes many ancient tourist cities due to its history, and it is possible to move between these landmarks and the main streets in this city very easily through the use of one of the means available in the city, and the city of Lankaran has a large number of international restaurants and distinctive hotels that make tourists feel comfortable and enjoy once they reach this charming city.

Tourism in Lankaran

Through the following lines, we will learn about everything related to the city of Lankaran and make it the first tourist destination that comes to the minds of everyone who wants to travel to an ancient and distinctive tourist city:

|Negran is one of the oldest settlements in Azerbaijan, and most of the population of this city is from the Bronze Age. This city is located in the southeastern part of Azerbaijan, located on the Caspian Sea. The ancient architecture in this city, Lankaran contains a number of hot springs and also has black sand that is used in physiotherapy sessions, and this is what makes tourism in Lankaran one of the best and most beautiful experiences made by individuals in European cities.

The number of tourists in the city of Lankaran from all over the world multiply due to its mild climate and the diversity of its landscapes, and it includes many distinctive tourist components. This city is famous for its history and its impact on the movement of trade and industry around the world. The ideal cities for anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors in all seasons of the year, where the hospitality of the indigenous people is distinguished.

Distinguishing factors of denial

Individuals wishing to go for a period of recuperation and tourism in Lankaran wonder what this city is characterized by, so we will explain some of these features in the following paragraphs:

  • This city contains a wide range of natural areas and national parks.
  • Lankaran's geographical location is one of the factors that make it the first choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the natural air in all seasons of the year.
  • One of the distinguishing factors of the city of Lankaran is that it is a pioneer in the manufacture and trade of industrial products and exports them to all countries of the world.
  • There is a variety of rare natural plants in this city, as the gardens contain Ironwood trees.
  • In the gardens of the city of Lankaran there is a group of diverse animals, you can see the Persian tiger and other rare animals.
  • This name was chosen for it according to the construction of this city on the northern bank of the Caspian River in a city bearing the name Lankaran.
  • The city of Lankaran is surrounded on all sides by sandy beaches and mineral filtered water springs. On the other side, one of the most famous European castles is located in Lankaran Ballabur.

The climate of Lankaran

Before going tourism in Lankaran, individuals need to get acquainted with the climate that prevails in this charming city to take all precautions for all climatic changes that may occur:

  • The city of Lankaran is known for its semi-tropical climate throughout the year.
  • The climate is humid on the border of Lankaran with the Mediterranean, especially in winter.
  • We can make sure that the climate in Lankaran in the summer is hot and the temperatures are very high with little dryness and humidity.
  • The percentage of rain that falls in the city of Lankaran ranges between 1600 and 1800 mm / year, so this city has the highest rainfall in the world.

The most famous tourist attractions in Lankaran

Below we will mention the most important and most famous tourist cities in Lankaran so that travelers know about everything that can be visited when going to this city:

Hirkan . National Park

This national park was established on an area of ​​15 thousand hectares and contains the largest percentage of rare trees and shrubs, the most prominent of which are: oaks, oaks and chestnuts. It has many rest areas for visitors to sit in.

Mayak Land Kayak

This tourist attraction is a lighthouse located on the sea. The purpose of its establishment in 1786 was to see the coming ships, and this lighthouse is located near the railway station, and this is what makes it the first destination when going tourism in Lankaran.

Lake Xanbulan

This lake is located in the southeast of Lankaran, and this is what made it one of the most famous and most beautiful lakes in Azerbaijan. Indigenous people and visitors barbecue parties in this lake, and some hold personal events in it.

The beaches of Lankaran

The beaches of this city are one of the factors that raise the rate of tourism in Lankaran, as its beaches are clean and distinct and completely isolated from the outside world. Individuals can practice various activities in them, or visit one of the restaurants included in these beaches and try the best types of foods that are famous for them. to deny.

Lankaran attractions

The city of Lankaran is famous for having a huge number of wonderful tourist places that attract the attention of many from all over the world, and here we will mention some of these attractions:

city ​​castle

This castle is one of the main destinations to go to when going tourism in Lankaran, as this castle was built in the 18th century as a major political fortress of the city to protect it from attacks, and its interior design reflects this goal.

Yanar Bulag District

The second destination that we go to when traveling to Lankaran is the Yanar Bulag area, which is a natural source of naturally boiling hot water, and the flow of this water in the mountains to the west, and this is what attracted the attention of tourists.

Heydar Aliyev Park

In the central district of Lankaran lies the sprawling Heydar Aliyev Park, where tourists go to enjoy the fresh air and wonderful greenery.

Shopping in Lankaran

When traveling tourism in Lankaran, one should not neglect the shopping stores that are available in this city, as this process is very interesting and there are distinctive handicrafts and other products that can be purchased as a souvenir of this wonderful city.

Khan Palace

The Khan Palace is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Lankaran, and large numbers of tourists from all over the world go to it. Muhammad Hassan Khan is the real founder of this palace to stay in during the summer vacation, and all the belongings of this palace are very expensive and precious.

The most famous mosque in Lankaran

Among the wonderful tourist attractions in the wonderful city of Lankaran are some distinctive mosques, and we can display some of these mosques as follows:

The Great Market Mosque is one of the most prominent mosques that are visited when traveling tourism in Lankaran.

Small Market Mosque which is located on the Lankaran coast overlooking the magnificent Caspian Sea.

The Imam Hussein Mosque is one of the most famous mosques in Lankaran, and it is distinguished by its interior and exterior designs, and the wonderful Arabic writings that are found on its walls.

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