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Tourist places in Tbilisi

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Tourist places in Tbilisi

Everyone wants to know the tourist places in Tbilisi to visit when traveling to Georgia. Georgia also has many distinctive tourist places in the world, the most important of which is in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.

There are also many places that have beautiful appearances and a long history that can be visited to know their importance and the advantages they have that make them the best in the world, in addition to the distinct climate due to the interesting geographical location that is characterized by it.

Through this article, we will explain the appropriate answers to the most important common questions that all tourists ask when visiting Georgia, and these answers can be used; Because most people don't know it well.

Tourist places in Tbilisi

Most tourists tend to travel to Georgia because of its historical places that indicate the distinct historical events that have occurred in Georgia, and the country has different cultures that spread throughout it.

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and is distinguished by its privileged location between the continents of Europe and Asia, and its location is the main factor that made the colonial power dispute in ancient times and every country wants to annex it.

All countries wished to include Tbilisi; In order to be able to control all the ways of world trade between the countries of the East and the countries of the West, for this reason, traveling to the city of Tbilisi became very common to visit its archaeological sites.

The large number of historical monuments, squares with different designs and religious buildings indicates the diversity of cultures in Georgia, and there are many recreational places that children can enter during the tourism period in Tbilisi.

Old Town Altstadt

When visiting Tbilisi, you can visit this ancient city, which is one of the oldest historical monuments in Georgia, and all parts of the city contain many scenic features that make it distinct.

There are many distinguished restaurants that serve the best international cuisine, which distinguishes it from other cities in the world, as it is famous for its distinguished foods from several years, and foods can be eaten at a small cost.

It also has a large number of cafes that are characterized by economic prices and provide their services in a distinguished way to all customers in the city, and you can walk around the city and buy many distinctive souvenirs.

An elegant and attractive portrait drawing can be obtained for a simple and distinct fee at the hands of specialists and professionals in drawing, and elegant classic carpets can be purchased through international exhibitions of the carpet trade.

The ancient city is located on the Kura River, so it provides the opportunity to take a boat on the river and spend an enjoyable tour and see all the distinctive scenic areas, all of these features made it one of the most important places to visit in Georgia.

Narikala Fortress

When visiting tourist places in Tbilisi, you can visit this ancient castle, which occupies a distinguished position throughout Georgia, especially as it is located in the capital, Tbilisi, and was founded in the fourth century AD.

There are many updates that the castle has gone through, as the Arabs modernized it and this was the greatest update it went through, and the Umayyads built the prince's palace inside the walls of the castle, and this form has remained until the present time.

After several centuries, the Church of St. Nicholas was built, but after several years an earthquake destroyed part of the castle, but in the nineties of the last century the castle was completely restored; To be one of the most important monuments in Georgia.

The likely time for a visitor to visit the castle is two hours, and this time was determined by the responsible authorities in Tbilisi; So that everyone can benefit from the picturesque features inside the castle, which make it the best in the world.

Tbilisi Abanotubani Sulfur baths

When planning to visit tourist places in Tbilisi, the sulfur baths should be part of the well-planned tourist program to visit all the sights in Tbilisi and all the cities of Georgia.

There are many rooms equipped for massage sessions and you can enjoy an hour of relaxation, and this place is a complete separation from the outside world because of its distinct feeling of relaxation and comfort.

A one-hour massage session can be obtained at a simple and distinct cost from all cities of the world, and the places adjacent to the bathrooms are cafes and restaurants that provide their services, and you can tour these areas.

Next to the sulfur baths, there is a mosque to perform the daily duties of prayer, so everyone tends to go to these baths. The duties can be spent in the waiting period in the bathroom; Because it gets crowded at times because of its interesting services.

Statue of the Mother of Georgia Kartlis Deda

Tammam Kartlis Deda is considered one of the most important statues that can be seen when visiting tourist places in Tbilisi. This statue welcomes all visitors to the city, as the statue is designed in the form of a woman wearing the traditional clothes of the old state.

The lady holds a sword in her right hand to fight and eliminate the enemy before he enters the city to preserve it and the people of the city from the evil of the enemies. She also holds in her left hand a vessel of wine to receive visitors to the city.

The statue was built in 1958 AD on top of Mount Sololaki, which made it one of the best tourist attractions in Georgia. The statue is about 20 meters long. The statue was built on the day of the celebration of the 1500th anniversary of the founding of the city.

Georgian National Museum

You can go to see tourist places in Tbilisi, but the National Museum is one of the most important of these places and one of the most important landmarks that distinguish Georgia from other tourist countries, as this museum includes thousands of gold and silver holdings.

All archaeological holdings date back to the Bronze Age until the last century, and all artifacts are displayed in a professional manner, and there are many distinguished archaeological excavations inside the museum, which makes it the best to know the country's heritage.

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

The cathedral is considered one of the most important landmarks that can be visited when visiting tourist places in Tbilisi. Its religious, archaeological and cultural significance is varied, making it one of the most important tourist attractions in all of Georgia.

The construction of the cathedral dates back to the Middle Ages, and it belongs to the Orthodox and has undergone many changes and events, and some earthquakes occurred that led to the destruction of part of it and would have led to its complete collapse.

UNESCO has included the cathedral on the World Heritage List, which can be visited after creating a program to visit tourist places in Tbilisi, and see all the features that make it one of the best places around the world, which made UNESCO interested in being a world heritage.

We have clarified the tourist places in Tbilisi, the most important archaeological and historical monuments in Tbilisi and what distinguishes these places; So that everyone can benefit from all the distinctive tourist and archaeological attractions.

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