Travel News: Tourism prices in Georgia

Tourism prices in Georgia

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Tourism prices in Georgia

Many are looking for tourism prices in Georgia, which is called the paradise of the Caucasian mountains, and it is one of the relatively small countries, as it has many unique aesthetics that made it one of the desired and preferred tourist destinations for many travelers and tourists, and the visa system in Georgia allows foreigners Travelers will stay on its territory for a whole year.

Also, the cost of tourism in this country is not great at all. Georgia is one of the cheapest countries in the world in terms of travel, tourism and living. It is worth noting that this country is the most appropriate and best place for nature lovers around the world and those who love art and culture.

Tourism prices in Georgia

It is known that traveling to Georgia is one of the ideal destinations for lovers of nature, culture and history, so it is one of the cheap countries to travel and stay in there, in addition to food, transportation and other information you need in your travel to that country, so we will show you what the cost of traveling in Georgia for a week is Below:

  • This country is one of the least expensive countries to travel to.
  • Therefore, those interested in tourism should be added to one of those general lists such as the cheapest and best countries to travel.
  • Georgia is the place for travelers on a budget, as well as for male travelers who want to settle in for a while.
  • Georgia offers a lot of services to its visitors and generously, especially when it comes to the visa issue.

Camping in Georgia

After getting acquainted with the prices of tourism in Georgia, we can clarify some of the criteria that must be known when camping in the state of Georgia, which are as follows:

  • Summer and late spring are ideal times for camping in the rich and pristine countryside of Georgia.
  • You can display your tent anywhere for free, and no one will bother you about it, if you see the plot as beautiful and think it belongs to someone.
  • You may get several welcome visits from a local, who insists on sharing a glass of juice or the well-known drink there.


The Georgian language is one of the most difficult languages ​​to pronounce because it is one of the unique sounds. It also separates Georgia, Russia, and the charming Caucasus mountain ranges, which are worth trying to climb. Tourism in Georgia is less expensive than tourism in Western Europe, so always make sure to order the meat dishes that are served to you before eating them.

Getting a visa to travel to Georgia from Egypt

For countries not included in the list that enter Georgia without a visa, there are many conditions for obtaining a visa, which are as follows:

  • You must log in to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Georgia.
  • Select your country by clicking Next.
  • You must enter all your data carefully and accurately.
  • Print and sign the form by hand.
  • After signing, re-upload the form to the site, then pay the amount of 20 dollars in the embassy's account to the bank on the site via the account number.
  • Upload your bank deposit receipt from your website.
  • You must upload a copy of your passport, hotel or accommodation reservations, and initial flight reservations.
  • Upload a personal photo on a white background.
  • Record the bank statement for transactions in the last 3 months.
  • Your account balance must be higher than the replenishment amount as advised by the Embassy.
  • The embassy will make an appointment for you to submit your documents.
  • Print all documents and bring them to the embassy on the date specified in the visa application submission.

Tourism in Georgia

Despite its long history and the deep-rooted culture in the Caucasian conscience and its archaeological features, it can reach approximately 12,000 landmarks, despite that, the prices of tourism in Georgia are not high, as it contains many important and historical monuments that occupy the first positions in the World Heritage List .

As the Republic of Georgia remained silent and silent for many years, not many talked about its latent magic, even in the beginning of the third millennium, and the charming country began to reveal its secrets and evidence of its beauty in conjunction with the economic renaissance that the country witnessed after many years of colonialism and corruption.

The most important tourist places in Georgia

After knowing the prices of tourism in Georgia, there are many tourist places that are among the most beautiful ancient tourist attractions in the Republic of Georgia, as follows:

City of Batumi

Batumi is one of the most beautiful tourist areas located in the southwest of the country in the northern ocean of the humid subtropical region, which is an important and central port in the Republic of Georgia.


It is one of the most beautiful tourist cities located in the south of the country, which is famous for its picturesque landscapes, rich in warm water springs and a lot of dense forest areas. They have.

City of Kutaisi

It is the second largest city in the Republic of Georgia, which has an area with an ancient history that extends back to the second millennium BC through the history of the Ottomans and then the Soviet era, which made the city of Kutaisi distinguished by its historical, religious and cultural monuments until it reached this day with intense and permanent tourism development to become one of the most beautiful places Tourist located in the city of Georgia.

Climate in Georgia

With regard to the weather in the Republic of Georgia, the Great Caucasian Mountains play an important role in modifying the climate in Georgia. Tourism prices in Georgia are also known to be not high, as they form a dam in the face of cold air masses that come from the north, while the Lesser Caucasus Mountains protect the region from the influence of the form of Warm air masses coming from the south, much of western Georgia, lies within the humid subtropical zone.

The most beautiful tourist attractions in Georgia

Tourism prices in Georgia are not high, as there are many historical attractions that many travelers and visitors around the world come to visit, and they are not expensive, and they are as follows:

Sulfur baths in Georgia

Known as the Abanat and Bani Baths, which is located in one of the historical and ancient neighborhoods in the capital, these baths are the source of hot and active sulfur springs for more than 700 years, and are among the famous baths in the Caucasus region in general, which are visited by tourists from around the world thanks to the presence of water Hot and treated to the human body.

Vardizia Monastery in Tbilisi

It is considered one of the most prominent historical places and one of the most important tourist destinations in Tbilisi. This monastery occupies a privileged location in the middle of the mountains of Jerusalem, which attracts tourists throughout the year.

Statue of Eternal Love in Batumi

The Eternal Love statue was designed by the Georgian artist Tamara, whose idea was derived from a book that depicted romantic relationships that occurred in 1918 AD. Its content is that there are numbers that move every ten minutes, as they come close to each other sometimes until they intertwine and form the body of a man and a woman without Clear features, and then move away again.

In conclusion, we have shown you one of the most important tourist places visited by many lovers of travel around the world, seeing many places in the country of Georgia.

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