Travel News: Tourism in Ukraine for youth

Tourism in Ukraine for youth

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Tourism in Ukraine for youth

Tourism in Ukraine for young people is one of the most important tourism countries that many people resort to, especially young people from all over the world, as Ukraine contains many important landmarks and distinctive countries in which cultures and places of entertainment vary, as there are many tourists in Arab countries and European countries as well. They want to visit a lot of important landmarks which are divided into entertainment attractions, historical monuments, tourist attractions, etc.

In this article, we will show you the most important information regarding tourism in Ukraine and the best tourist countries in it.

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and one of the oldest and most populous cities, and it is the first place from which tourist travel in Ukraine begins. Giant exotic buildings with its magnificent architecture, Kiev is considered one of the best cities in Eastern Europe in terms of service, quality and diversity of tourist attractions.

Tourism in Ukraine for youth

Tourism in Ukraine is characterized by the presence of many picturesque countries that tourists come to from all over the world. It is one of the best places where a person spends beautiful times with his family and friends, as it is one of the best tourist cities at all.

It contains many natural and tourist destinations that distinguish it from other countries such as Spain and Britain, and there are many cities that attract tourists and would like to stay there forever. Ukraine is well-known and famous for its high prices for all services, but it is one of the best tourist countries in the world.

Ukraine tourism is also characterized by the presence of many wonderful ingredients related to tourism, and there are many tourist and natural areas, and it is characterized by charming coastal beaches and the presence of some mountains and ice.

The best tourism countries in Ukraine for young people

Tourism in Lviv

The city in general is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations for young people in Ukraine, and Lviv is located in the west and ranks seventh in terms of area compared to other cities, and the reasons for its location are the heritage cobbled streets and alleys, old buildings with architectural style, attracting visitors for hundreds of years, modern and contemporary amusement parks, cities Games, shopping malls, restaurants, foreign and domestic cafes

Tourism in Yalta

Tourism in Yalta is one of the most important places in Ukraine and this is proposed as one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Ukraine for young people because it is a coastal city located in the Crimea on the Black Sea, making it a home for marine recreation, where all the lively and effective practices available from swimming, diving and snorkeling are implemented And kayaking, sailing, water skiing ... etc. In addition to crossing the Yerekiwe and Oshansu rivers together on a high rocky point, it contributes to owning the natural plains rich in the colors of the plant environment that complements its beauty and splendor with a group of beautiful waterfalls of different heights.

Tourism in Kamenets-Podolsky - the best tourism countries in Ukraine for young people

Which makes it the most beautiful tourist place for young people in Ukraine because it is a historically old city, and fully represents the open natural park where we find flat plains, high hills, waterfalls, lakes, water valleys, ponds, and most importantly, it was once an expanded area and overlapped with the geographical part of the states of Romania and Moldova, this diversity The people who lived in the area contributed to the production of its social and cultural character, and this influence is still present and can be seen in the city’s markets, where goods and modern heritage vary between Armenians, Poles and Ruthenians, where everyone tries to spread their own words and languages, customs, traditions and daily uses among the tourists as well as the castle Old and main yard.

The cost of tourism in Ukraine for young people

  • We found that tourism in Ukraine for young people is one of the most important and most beautiful countries that young people enjoy in it, because there are many tourist attractions there.
  • Thus, it also has a low cost when traveling there, and travel can be affordable for everyone.
  • It also has a lot of fun sports such as skiing and fishing, and one of its advantages is the ease of obtaining a visa that gives you a 90-day visa.
  • These hotels are characterized by the cheapest hotels and the ease of movement within the country.
  • All you have to do is travel there and you will enjoy a very special trip within the country and it is one of the most beautiful tourist places that you can travel to.

Some tips for traveling to Ukraine.

What to eat when traveling to Ukraine

If you have little or a lot of money, you can also find delicious food anywhere in Ukraine, and if you want to taste traditional dishes, you can try the famous pierogi, and even if you are not familiar with Eastern European dishes, you can still buy sushi Or kebabs from every street.

And you should know that most of the cafes and restaurants in Ukraine have menus in both Ukrainian and English, and perhaps the most famous Pobeda restaurant near Kiev station, where you can taste the traditional dishes of the country.

Personal safety when traveling to Ukraine

If you are wondering “Is Ukraine safe to visit?” You should know that you must protect yourself as if you were in another country, and we advise you to leave your passport, airline tickets and other official documents in your hotel room, or carry them in your inner pocket or money belt under your clothes, and do not carry large amounts of cash when you exit the hotel.

Learn some Ukrainian or Russian words

It can be difficult to rely on the mother tongue in Ukraine, and Ukrainians are divided on language issues, however, keep in mind that a few words in Russian in eastern Ukraine or greetings in Ukrainian in the west of the country will help you make new friends with the people of Ukraine. They are great people and love to host a lot of people around the world.

Ukrainian passport settings

The ranking of Ukrainian passports in relation to the passports of other countries in the world is determined by calculating the number of countries that allow holders of Ukrainian passports to enter without a visa (that is, countries for which Ukrainian citizens do not need a visa to travel to) as well as countries that allow holders of Ukrainian passports There are currently 93 travel destinations that Ukrainian passport holders can visit without a visa, 39 travel destinations that grant Ukrainian citizens a visa on arrival and two travel destinations that Ukrainian citizens can visit with permits. Electronic travel.

In the end, we would like to answer all the questions on the minds of young people who want to travel to Ukraine, as it is one of the most important tourist countries that all young people think of traveling to.


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