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Tourism in Sheki

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Tourism in Sheki

Tourism in Sheki is one of the special places that you can go to on vacation because of the beautiful natural climate and scenic landmarks that make you enjoy nature and be one of the distinctive experiences.

There is also the city of Sheki in the Republic of Azerbaijan, where it is one of the ancient tourist destinations in this republic, and is a source of attraction for tourists from everywhere because of the presence of beautiful landscapes.

Sheki is also one of the most charming cities, as it is located on some of the hills and wide areas of green grass, and the city embraces from all sides the wonderful Alps that contain snow during the winter season, if you want to see the tourism in this city more, follow the article well .

Tourism in Sheki

It is also the most charming city ever; For this, visitors come to it from everywhere. This city is located in the Republic of Azerbaijan, which has been the capital of Albania since ages and until now, where it enjoys a beautiful landscape.

This city also includes a large group of distinctive hotels; In order to accommodate tourists inside it while touring the city during the day, as the hotel is one of the main landmarks for visitors from a place, and the city also contains other more distinguished landmarks that are an important and major factor in the spread of tourism within the city.

The city also has a long history due to its distinguished geographical location within the Alps, many castles and palaces within it, famous museums, as well as ancient churches and mosques with unique design, in addition to the presence of markets; In order to get acquainted with the customs of the city and all these attractions are the impact of tourism in Sheki.

Sheki is also a rural city with a distinguished historical site above the hillsides, embraced by the Alps on all sides and containing some of the most famous landmarks such as Sheki Archaeological Museum and Kish Albanian Church, in addition to Sheki Palace, the most popular in tourism around the world.

You can go to Sheki in June and July; In order to enjoy the summer atmosphere within the city's rivers, if you want to see the landmarks of the country by learning about the city's attractions, including archaeological landmarks, hotels, restaurants, malls and shopping centers; In order to be a tourist guide for you during the tourism period and you can spend a special time inside the city.

Places to visit in Sheki

The places of tourism in the city of Sheki are one of the distinctive destinations for all tourists from anywhere in the Republic of Azerbaijan, which contains many distinguished cities at all, especially those interested in the field of archeology, ethnography and beautiful landscapes. Among these attractions are the following:

Sheki Khan's Palace

From one of the tourist places in the city, where you can see from the outside the luxurious and upscale design, which dates back to 1797 AD, and the palace was one of the summer residences of Prince Shaki Khan.

The palace also has decorative tiles, colored glass windows and wonderful water fountains. The palace consists of two floors and there are distinctive frescoes that were painted in the 18th century AD.

Sheki caravanserai

This place is one of the places of tourism in Sheki, from the historical monuments, which are nowadays a landmark of trade, and annual caravans are made in which tourists are received. The area of ​​this place is about 8000 square meters and is located next to a distinctive popular hotel and restaurant.

Minaret of Gilili

This minaret is one of the memorials in the charming city of Sheki. This minaret dates back to the 16th century AD. The mosque was destroyed before and only the minaret remains. This minaret can be seen from the Kolkhlin district of the city.

Ancient Church of Kish

This church is from the ancient history in the city, as it is located 5 km within the city of Sheki; This is because it is a distinctive icon in the field of architecture, and the history of the church dates back to the 12th century AD.

Shiki Castle

This castle is one of the tourist attractions in the city of Sheki. This castle is located next to the Sheki Khan Palace, which is one of the most famous buildings in the city. The construction of this castle was completed in 1762 AD. Inside the castle there are two large trees that were planted in 1530 AD.

National Museum of Applied Art

This museum is characterized by a unique design and is inspired by the design of the Albanian church that was built in the 19th century AD.

The shape of the museum is in the form of an architectural cylinder with domes.

The museum is one of the tourist attractions in Sheki; Due to the presence of rare artifacts, ancient local crafts and wonderful collectibles.

Sheki's most famous landmarks

Tourists also come from all over to this distinctive and beautiful city, which is located within the Alps, because of its beautiful archaeological landmarks, among which are the following:

Omar Effendi Mosque

This mosque is one of the most important religious tourist attractions in the city of Sheki, as it is one of the architectural facilities, as it is characterized by an elegant design with a pyramidal roof and a dome over the mosque with delicate decorations.

Shekhanov Palace

This palace is one of the tourist attractions in Sheki. It is one of the monuments with architecture in the city of Sheki. The palace consists of two floors and each floor has three rooms and corridors with wonderful murals, and this is what made the palace an architectural masterpiece.

Sheki Bazaar

This bazaar is one of the marketing destinations in the city, as this bazaar includes distinctive markets; Because of its local shops that attract tourists; In order to look at the exhibits of pottery, exquisite designs and food also of meat, fruits and vegetables at the best prices.

Jalarsan Gorasan Castle

This castle dates back between the eighth and ninth century. The castle is located on the side of the Kish River and on the top of Mount Garatip, about 5 km from Sheki. It is also one of the city's tourist attractions, where the castle is characterized by the presence of green spaces inside and tall trees.

The ancient castle

This castle is located on the west bank of the city and is one of the famous and common monuments in the city during the wars, where this castle is climbed; In order to take over the city.

Religious Landmarks

Religious monuments are a manifestation of tourism in Sheki, as there are many places of worship such as Sheki Khan Mosque and the Galilee Minaret.


The museums within Sheki are the most important feature of it; Because it contains folk arts and historical relics dating back to years throughout the ages, the museums are located in the upper part of the city, and there are many excavations and ancient artifacts.

Palaces and castles

Sheki city includes many castles, forts and palaces, which is one of the fronts of tourism in Sheki, dating back to the Middle Ages.

In this article, we have provided you with everything related to the tourist attractions in Sheki, when you can go in the city and where you can go with friends and relatives, and you can go in the summer time of July and June in order to enjoy the perfect atmosphere with scenic landscapes.

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