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Tourism in Kutaisi

22 Feb 2022   |   56 min ago read   |   Cities

Tourism in Kutaisi

Tourism in Kutaisi is one of the most searched for on many platforms, as many and many want to travel and tourism in the Kutaisi region, where various nationalities come to it; In order to enjoy its picturesque scenery and visit many of the wonderful areas that it is famous for, and there are many areas in which it is visited by many; With the aim of its charming nature, and this is what we will discuss in this article, as we will talk about the most important areas visited by tourists from different countries, with the most important activities that a tourist can visit or enjoy, in addition to the most important parks that are famous for them, and the most important scenes that leave a psychological impact. Great indoors for all out hiking.

Tourism in Kutaisi

Before starting to talk about tourism in that city, it is necessary to mention some information about the city of Kutaisi, where Kutaisi is the second most important and largest city, as well as the capital of the western region of Imereti, and one of its most important features is that it has a very great privacy; This is due to its large number of ancient cultural monuments, which in turn deserve discovery, in addition to caves and cathedrals, and provide a large number of diverse entertainment opportunities enjoyed by those who visit this picturesque city.

Travel to Kutaisi

You can also reach the city of Kutaisi directly via David Builder Kutaisi International Airport, and reach Kutaisi from Tbilisi during a fun and wonderful trip that will only take 3 hours by bus, and what makes this trip so wonderful is what awaits you from the number of Great variety of scenic and relaxing nature along the way including many mountains and rivers as well as scenic plains.

It is also necessary to determine and know the appropriate time to go there and to know the times of tourism that are desirable to enjoy the trip, and to know the climate of Kutaisi first. Kutaisi is characterized by its hot and dry weather, in the summer with humidity in winter; Therefore, it is recommended to travel to Kutaisi in the winter; Because the temperature at that time is suitable and beautiful, to enjoy and take a tour of Kutaisi, Georgia.

The city of Kutaisi is also considered one of the most important and prominent educational and scientific centers in Georgia, due to the fact that it contains many educational institutions. The eyes of many visitors from all over the world; Therefore, we will show you the most beautiful tourist places in Kutaisi, Georgia, which is a great opportunity that can not be missed during tourism in Kutaisi.

Kutaisi Landmarks

Tourism in Kutaisi is characterized by the presence of many wonderful places that cannot be missed during a trip to the city, perhaps the most important of which are the Botanical Garden in Kutaisi, the historical district, the Historical Museum in Kutaisi, the Archaeological Museum of Vani, and other places and attractions, and many places Multiple attractions, and now will be presented in a detailed way the most important of these attractions that are famous for them:

Bagrati . Cathedral

Bagrati Cathedral is one of the most important and finest places of tourism in Kutaisi. It is an antique church that dates back to the eleventh century. It is visited by many tourists in the city of Kutaisi to go and enjoy it as a main shrine in their tour, as part of Kutaisi trips. It is also worth mentioning that UNESCO has included Bagrati Cathedral in its List of Heritage Monuments, in the year 2001; Due to the great importance of the church from being an archaeological landmark dating back to tens of centuries.


This city is also famous for the availability of many restaurants, which offer a lot of food on a very large level, as they offer a variety of dishes, including local dishes that Kutaisi is famous for, or dishes around the world. These restaurants are distinguished by sophistication and excellent service for all who visit them.

Historic district of Kutaisi

It is also one of the most famous neighborhoods inside Kutaisi, which is famous for being an ancient and great neighborhood that includes the entire history of the city and its neighborhoods, which made it one of the most important and most important tourist attractions in Kutaisi, which attract tourists. Its alleys are considered one of the most important and most important means of achieving pleasure.

Historical Museum in Kutaisi

The Historical Museum in Kutaisi is also one of the most beautiful and most important tourist attractions in the city, which attracts many visitors every year, due to its wonderful attractive location located in the oldest neighborhoods in the city, and this is what makes visiting it an indispensable thing in tourism in Kutaisi. , historically speaking.

The Kutaisi Historical Museum was also built at the beginning of the last century, which in turn made many around the world know the entire history of the city; Because it contains more than 200,000 artifacts collected from all over Georgia, the Kutaisi Historical Museum presents its masterpiece in an attractive and interesting way that has been admired by many who visited the museum, as the museum relied on dividing it into 10 different exhibition halls, which are distributed among two floors.

Stapleya Kutaisi Reserve

The reserve is considered one of the most important and prominent tourist attractions in Kutaisi, Georgia. Enjoy a lot of scenic views, which in turn grab the hearts and eyes.

Prometheus Cave

Visitors to the cave can do a lot of different activities, the most important of which is to take walking tours in the six different caves while noticing the difference between each cave and the other. In addition, they can take a fun and interesting tour in the underground, which is a distinctive tour by boat.

Okatse Valley

Also, when you take the step of tourism in Kutaisi, the valley is considered the most beautiful tourist place in Georgia, which in turn attracts many tourists. Your tour to the Okatse Valley begins with access to the village of Jordi, which makes you fascinate with the picturesque nature surrounding the valley and the nature of the valley itself.

Other landmarks

In addition to the many landmarks that we mentioned earlier, there are many other attractions that many Kutaisi fans want to visit and enjoy and its stunning scenery, including:

  • Gelati Monastery in Kutaisi.
  • Botanical Garden in Kutaisi.
  • Archaeological Museum of Fanny.
  • Katskhi rocks.
  • Mutsamita Monastery.
  • Colchis Fountain.
  • Kutaisi market.
  • Parliament building.

Also, in conclusion, we have finished our interesting and interesting talk about tourism in Kutaisi with the most important information about the city itself, in addition to mentioning a large number of areas that you can visit. We hope that the article has won your admiration and provided you with complete information.

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