Travel News: Tourism in Georgia for families

Tourism in Georgia for families

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Tourism in Georgia for families

Tourism in Georgia for families is one of the most wonderful places of tourism that you can go to to spend the most enjoyable time, as it is one of the beautiful and attractive places, in addition to the scenic and irresistible landscapes, which are located at the intersection of Asia with Europe.

Georgia has become one of the most popular vacation destinations with families, despite its not large size, but it is distinguished by the many wonderful tourist places that are located, in addition to the scenic views, where there are some snow-topped peaks and sea beaches.

In addition to places to walk next to the natural places and you can enjoy seeing the wonderful scenery, there are also some impulse towers that have been around for centuries. We advise everyone who wants to go for a wonderful vacation to go to this picturesque place and we will mention more details about Georgia in the following lines of the article.

Tourism in Georgia for families

Tourism in Georgia for families is one of the most picturesque tourist places that have many tourist places that you must see, and the Georgian people are the people that resulted from the merger of the immigrant population with the indigenous people in the Caucasus from ancient times on the part of Anatolia.

Georgia was named by that name; With regard to Jerusalem, George and confirmed this by the English traveler Sargon and Jacques de Vitry, the French historian, and most of the population in Georgia with 81.9% profess the Orthodox Christian religion and 9% of the population profess the Islamic religion, which is not a large number.

Tourism in Georgia for families is one of the most attractive countries in the world for tourists, and there are about 103 resorts in more than one climatic zone, in addition to about 12,000 cultural and historical tourist attractions, among which about 4 are classified as World Heritage Sites classified by UNESCO and Among those attractions are Upper Svaneti, Bagrati Cathedral in Kutaisi, historical monuments of Mtskheta and Gelati Monastery.

Georgia on the map

It is an independent country in the South Caucasus region, which is located on the coast from the eastern side of the Black Sea, and in the north there are Chechnya, Russia, the states of Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan in the south, and the Black Sea in the west.

The location of the countries between the countries of the world is strategic, and the territory of the state includes the summit of the Caucasus Mountains and is considered the boundary that separates the continent of Asia and the continent of Europe, and the state is divided into 69 provinces and 12 regions, in addition to two autonomous republics, namely, Ajaria and Abkhazia.

Climate in Georgia

As for the weather in Georgia, the Caucasus Mountains play an important role in making the climate temperate in Georgia, as it is a barrier against much of the cold air coming from the north, while the Lesser Caucasus Mountains partially protect the region from any influence of the dry and hot air coming from the south.

A large part of western Georgia is located in the humid subtropical zone. As for the annual rainfall, it falls between 1000-4000 mm. Eastern Georgia is subject to an unstable and fluctuating climate from "humid subtropical" to "continental".

Weather patterns in Georgia are affected by both the dry air coming from the east in the Caspian Sea, and from the west at the Black Sea come moist air masses, and often hinder many mountain ranges (Lekhi and Meskheti) that separate the western and eastern parts of the country that enter the masses humid air in the Black Sea.

The four most important tourist cities in Georgia

There are some cities that people come to a lot for tourism and are considered among the most attractive places that have many scenic views, and we will mention to you the four most important cities in the following lines of the article.

First: Tbilisi City for Tourism

The most important information about Tbilisi for tourism in Georgia for families:

  • The city of Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia, in addition to being one of the largest cities in it, its geographical location on the banks of the river is called Kura, its population is about 1,500,000 people.
  • The city of Tbilisi is known as "Tbilisi". This name is derived from the word "Tbilisi", which in Georgian means "hot springs." The king of Georgia during the fifth century AD built the city next to the hot springs.
  • The city of Tbilisi is historically for people belonging to several pagan, cultural and religious faiths, and it is considered a point of contention between several world powers; This is because of its location at the crossroads of the continents of Asia and Europe, and it is also close to the trade routes between West and East.
  • There are a number of important tourist sites in Georgia, including:
  • Sameba and House churches.
  • Rustaveli avenue.
  • Classic Freedom Square.
  • Agmashenebeli wooded road.
  • Borrowed Maghreb Opera Theatre.
  • The Georgian National Museum.
  • Narkala Castle

• Tbilisi has a humid and semi-tropical climate, in addition to the occurrence of large continental influences. There is heavy rainfall throughout the year. It is also affected by dry air masses that come from: East: Central Asia, Siberia, and West: the Atlantic Ocean, and the sea the black.

Second: Batumi City for Tourism

There are many tourist attractions in Batumi, one of the places to visit in Georgia for families, including:

  • The tower of the Georgian alphabet, which is of historical importance.
  • The aquarium called Batumi Dolphinarium, which is a special place for the wonderful performances of dolphins.
  • The Botanical Garden in Batumiu includes many types of plants and these plants were brought from many places around the world.
  • Batumi Cable Car, extending over an area of ​​approximately two km, offers visitors great opportunities to enjoy the many mountain and sea views of the city.
  • 6th of May Garden is the perfect place for family trips, with many trees, flowers, roses and lots of green spaces.
  • Europe Square, next to which there are many archaeological and historical places.

Third: Borjomi Tourism City

There are many tourist attractions in Borjomi, one of the places to visit in Georgia for families, including:

  • Borjomi Center Park offers a great picnic spot.
  • Romanov Palace, Borjomi, Georgia, and its history dates back to the nineteenth century, since the reign of the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II.
  • Borjomi cable car gives tourists pneumatic tours to the top of the Borjomi plateau, and visitors see the most beautiful views that can be seen.
  • Kharagali Borjomi National Park, the most famous national park in Georgia, is one of the most amazing tourist places.
  • Mineral water park, which is a source of income in the city.

Fourth: Kutaisi City for Tourism

The most important information about the city of Kutaisi for tourism, which is one of the places of tourism in Georgia for families, including:

  1. The city of Kutaisi is the second largest city in the state of Georgia, and it is the capital of the western region of Imereti, located at a distance of 220 km from Tbilisi to the west.
  2. The city of Kutaisi is directly accessible through David Builder Kutaisi International Airport, 14 km from the city center.
  3. The city of Kutaisi has many tourism safety, and is a destination for many local visitors, and attracts the attention of visitors from all over the world, such as:
  • Bagrati Church, which was built in the eleventh century and is one of the most important places of tourism.
  • Zidazani Restaurant.
  • The streets of Kutaisi, the historical district, its houses bearing a touristic character and its high-end architectural facilities.
  • The Historical Museum, which contains more than 200,000 antiquities.


Thus, we have mentioned to you the most important information about tourism in Georgia for families, and we hope that we have benefited you and enjoyed an enjoyable visit.

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