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Tourism in Gabala

21 Feb 2022   |   74 min ago read   |   Cities

Tourism in Gabala

There are many places of tourism in Gabala due to the diversity of the climate and the presence of many natural landmarks that make enjoying nature one of the unique and distinguished commercial areas where the city of Gabala is located in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Gabala Province is also a popular tourist destination where there are beautiful tourist places that visitors come to from everywhere; Because of the outstanding climate and beautiful landscapes.

There is also a distinguished plant life within the Gabala district; For vegetarian people so that there is an opportunity for the development of tourism for all people, whether in the summer or winter, if you are interested in knowing more information on this topic, follow the article well.

Tourism in Gabala

Lots of evidence indicates that this region has served as the capital of Albania since ancient times. Until this present time, where the ruins of the city are still the main gateway to the state of Albania since the 18th century AD until now; This is because it has a beautiful view and a distinct commercial sector.

The city of Gabala includes a large group of distinctive hotels that attract tourists from everywhere, as this hotel is a main headquarters; For the stability of the population while wandering in the different places of the city.

The city also contains many different places that attract tourists, such as parks, gardens, mosques, and ski runs, which make it a special place; In order to increase tourism in Gabala.

Gabala has an ancient history; Due to its distinguished location and the infrastructure it contains of natural minerals, it has been one of the distinguished tourist destinations for more than 500 years.

Also, the best time to visit the city of Gabala is the summer time in July and June. You can also get special offers during the time of discounts offered by tourism companies to all people; So that they get the chance to visit this special place.

This city is also located in the north of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It is about 217 km away from the capital, and tourists come to it from everywhere. Because of the presence of ancient historical monuments, and in the north-east there is the Al-Tufindag resort, where you can ski.

There is also transportation in the city of Gabala, such as taxi, which is one of the best means of transportation and its cost is simple, and there is also a minibus, which is one of the most popular means of transportation in the city, as it is a sign of tourism in Gabala.

Within the city of Gabala there are many distinctive villages that are a cornerstone in attracting tourists from all over the place such as Boom Village, Great Amit Village, Chokhor Village, Vandam Village and many historical archaeological museums

Tourist places in Gabala city

The places of tourism in Gabala are among the distinguished destinations for all visitors to the Republic of Azerbaijan, especially those interested in the field of archeology, scenic landscapes and ethnography, and these places include the following:

Gabala Archaeological Center

This center is one of the archaeological and historical centers in the city of Gabala. This center consists of 3 floors and contains historical and archaeological exhibits such as the conference hall, restoration laboratories and offices of the historical reserve.

 It is also located in the heart of the city and works are being carried out; For excavations by ethnographers, archaeologists and some of the archaeological excavations inside the city's land.

Gabala Land

This place is considered one of the most distinguished tourist places in Gabala; This is because it is an international theme park, which is one of the most famous features of the city of Azerbaijan, and it contains games that suit all small and large businesses.

The ancient city of Gabala

This city was discovered in 1959 and is a very large rural archaeological site and is one of the most visited places in the city of Gabala. It contains a distinctive grass field, a stone arch with a huge rock and some buildings as well. The city contains a unique museum with artifacts inside. It was discovered during excavations.

Guzel Mountain Falls

These waterfalls are characterized by the presence of large green spaces inside, which attracts tourists.

It is one of the most touristic places in Gabala, as it is considered a place for lovers of skiing and climbing.

The name of these waterfalls is (Seven Mountain Gozel Waterfalls) and the reason for its name is the passage of seven mountain roads that lead to this beautiful tourist place in Gabala.

Tufandag Mountain Resort

This place is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in the city of Gabala, where this resort provides skiing to all tourists on snowboard and is considered one of the scenic landscapes.

The resort is also nicknamed (The Crown Jewel); Because it overlooks the Caucasus Mountains, there are also special places to stay within the product.

Alifa Garden

This park includes many beautiful walkways for pedestrians and there are also cafes, restaurants and plazas; For concerts, it also has a wonderful nature with 6 artificial lakes.

The most famous landmarks of Gabala

Tourists come from all over to the city of Gabala because of the distinctive features of this city that make it one of the most famous places of tourism in the world, and these attractions include:

Gabala City Mosque

This mosque was recently opened in the city and is now considered one of the most prominent forms of tourism in Gabala; Because of highlighting the nobility of the architectural arts through gilded Quranic decorations and inscriptions, the mosque also consists of small square buildings and a courtyard with some plant basins.

World War Memorial Park

This park is located beside the Damirabaranchay River where it contains memorials to all the martyrs of World War II and there is a sculpture of an Azerbaijani woman representing the mothers, wives and daughters of martyrs.

Haditha Haider

This modern one enjoys a privileged location as it has corridors; For pedestrians or rest, it also contains wide green spaces and many different types of plants, topped with a bronze statue; For the famous politician Heydar Aliyev.

Gabala Park

This park is one of the places of tourism in the city of Gabala, where there are valuable aesthetic images such as water fountains, as it contains 10 fountains and various public facilities; In order to serve the tourists, this park was built next to the Karachi River and is located within an amazing mountainous place in order to attract the residents to it greatly.

Vandam Village

This village is one of the most populous villages in the city, as it includes many archaeological sites within it, such as the presence of hills on both sides of the Caucasus Mountains and the main river Van Damme, and there are many gardens in the village that contain natural fruits.

Boom Village

This village is one of the most touristic places in Gabala, as the village is located within a famous valley located at Mount Kuma, which is one of the most famous of the main Caucasus mountains, and there are monuments inside it dating back to the tenth century AD.

In conclusion, you can now go to the city of Gabala by following the tourism companies and getting acquainted with the offers and discounts of going to this beautiful archaeological place, which is an essential interface for tourism around the world. By getting to know these attractions, you will be an important factor in tourism in Gabala.



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