Travel News: The best tourist destinations in Georgia

The best tourist destinations in Georgia

20 Feb 2022   |   98 min ago read   |   Travel guide

The best tourist destinations in Georgia

The best tourist destinations in Georgia We often get questions related to this matter, what are the best hotels to stay in in that city?, and why do many people choose it as their tourist destination? Is it really worth a visit for tourism? All this we will be able to answer through this content, to be surprised that Georgia is one of the best tourist destinations that have many natural factors and many adventures that you can spend there.

So if you want to travel to Georgia for tourism, with us, you will be able to discover the best tourist destinations to visit, and what are the most welcoming cities for tourists in Georgia that you can include on your list on the trip?, and get to know together the best hotels we can go to during our trip so that Be of a distinct geographical location, and other information.

The best tourist destinations in Georgia and why should we choose them?

Before we talk about what are the best tourist destinations in Georgia, we want to find out together about what is the country of Georgia and why many people resort to it for tourism, to find that Georgia has been classified as one of the most popular countries in the world for tourists, for several reasons, including:

  • Owns a large number of tourist cities scattered there, and they are distinguished by their unparalleled beautiful landscapes.
  • It contains more than 103 healthy and natural products in separate and different areas located in the whole of Georgia
  • In addition, it has a historical and cultural aspect that includes more than 12 thousand teachers
  • Four of its historical monuments were selected and classified as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.
  • This is in addition to its wonderful geographical location, which makes it a jewel in the center of Russia, Chechnya, Turkey, Armenia and others.
  • While its weather is unique as a result of the presence of both the Greater Caucasus Mountains and the Lesser Caucasus Mountains, which protect them from cold and hot air masses from the north and south.

About the location of Georgia on the map

Georgia is one of the most touristic countries due to its distinguished geographical location, which is located in the west of the Asian continent and is therefore surrounded by wonderful countries from everywhere. South It is classified as one of the independent states in the South Caucasus region.

Its territory extends over a range of the Greater and Lesser Caucasus Mountains, so Georgia is distinguished by being one of the borders between Asia and Europe, and includes about 12 cities or regions within each of them enjoying a picturesque tourist appearance, and finally we see that most of the Georgian people embrace the Orthodox Christian religion by 81.9%, while only 9.9% of them adhere to the Islamic religion.

Learn about the best tourist destinations in Georgia

The time has come to get acquainted with the best tourist destinations in Georgia, which is considered the most welcoming to tourists in previous years, so that tourists come to it from all over the world, and these places are represented in the following points such as:

Lake Ritsa:

Lake Ritsa is one of the most beautiful natural lakes in Georgia and suitable for the family to relax and enjoy its calm and charming atmosphere. Those who love to fish enjoy delicious salmon fish.

Sulfur baths:

There are many sulfur baths scattered in Georgia, such as Bakhmaro, Banhus, Samtridia, and others. The most famous sulfur baths in Georgia are known as Abanatubni. They have a special natural source for the hot sulfur springs that have been famous in that place for more than 700 years. Many tourists come to them from all over the world. The world is for the purpose of treatment, as it is characterized by its magical healing properties, especially those related to bone diseases, and these baths are located in one of the ancient historical neighborhoods of the Kura River from the north.

The cathedral:

The cathedral is one of the best tourist destinations in Georgia, in addition to being one of the four sites that have been classified as one of the most wonderful world heritage. It is located in the city of Mskheta, which was established in the last fourth century. It includes monuments related to the Middle Ages as a result of possessing invaluable paintings. At a price, it was restored and renovated in the tenth century.

Modern National Botanical:

The modern plant is among the best tourist destinations in Georgia, and the reason is due to its wonderful weather, its picturesque views of the mountains and the wide breathtaking green spaces, and the modern ones are located on Mount Sololaki and include many distinct waterfalls and springs.

Narikala Castle:

Narikala Castle is located in the city of Tbilisi. This castle is distinguished by the Persian course. It was also established in the fourth century, after a strong explosion occurred in 1827 AD and lost a large part of it, but it still retains its luxury and magnificent view, especially after it was expanded in both The sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Statue of Ali and Nino:

This statue is located in the city of Batumi in Georgia, it is called the Eternal Love Statue, which is characterized by being one of the very prominent landmarks of the city, and what made it special is to notice the movement of both pieces of the statue towards each other until they appear as a painting and one piece, and after ten minutes each move away From two pieces again in a very touching and wonderful spectacle everyone comes to watch, this statue was made by a Georgian artist named Tamara.

Modern animal Tbilisi:

These modern ones include more than 300 species of different animals, and not only this, but also contain special facilities for children, and have circus shows, so they are among the best tourist destinations in Georgia for families.

Alphabet Tower:

This tower expresses the greatness of the Georgian alphabet, as it is very similar to skyscrapers for its high height of about 130 meters, and includes more than 33 alphabets of Georgian letters, this tower is located in Batumi also near the statue of Ali and Nino, and this is enough to make This city is one of the most famous cities in Georgia.

Best hotels to stay in Georgia

The best time to visit Georgia is preferably between May, June and September, especially if you are going to Tbilisi, where the lowlands are moderate in summer without high humidity, and are also moderate in winter, and one of the best hotels that can To resort to it when you visit Georgia in order to increase the enjoyment of your trip in the right place, such as:

  • In the city of Batumi, the Colosseum Marina Hotel and the Divan Suites Hotel are located, and each of them has a central geographical location in the center of the city.
  • While in Borjomi, Rixos Borjomi is named after the city in which it is located in a central location. This hotel is classified as a 5-star hotel due to its high-rise hotel rooms and scenic views.
  • If you are heading to Tbilisi, the best hotels in Tbilisi are the Stampa Hotel, the Biltmore Hotel and the Marriott Hotel.

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