Travel News: How much does tourism cost in Ukraine?

How much does tourism cost in Ukraine?

21 Feb 2022   |   71 min ago read   |   Travel guide

How much does tourism cost in Ukraine?

How much does tourism cost in Ukraine? Ukraine has become an interesting place and an important tourist destination, where there are many, many castles, mountains, cities and rural areas worth seeing, and the weather in Ukraine is mild in summer and the temperature is not more than 25 degrees Do not go in summer and do not go in winter, because the weather will be severe It is cold in winter and in summer it is very hot so you can travel to it in the fall when its weather is very mild and suitable for tourism, and Ukraine is better in terms of temperature and lower cost of living, which is moderate in autumn or spring.

How much does tourism cost in Ukraine?

Flight prices, hotel reservations and all services are on the rise during the peak tourism season in Ukraine. We advise you to travel to Ukraine in the spring and autumn to save costs, as airlines and hotels offer discounts and offers. The price of a flight ticket from Egypt to Kiev reaches 5308 Egyptian pounds, or the equivalent of 297.56 dollars .

The question here is how much money do you need for your trip to Ukraine? Before traveling to another country, you should plan to find out how much you need before you start this trip, it costs about 28 dollars per day, which is the average daily price according to the expenses of other visitors, Ukraine is one of the cheapest places in European countries for a happy and entertaining holiday at a low cost Very average condition is as follows:

  • $6.52 per serving.
  • $1.05 for local transportation.
  • The average hotel price for a couple in Ukraine is $35.
  • So we find that a week's trip to Ukraine for two costs about $193.78.

Prices for accommodation and meals in Ukraine

Food prices and kitchen in Ukraine, Ukraine has its own kitchen and there are many dishes, there are restaurants in Ukraine for every budget to save money, and we advise you to eat local popular dishes because they are cheap and delicious, and instead you can eat in the stalls instead of eating in restaurants where eating In restaurants it can cost you a lot of money, and an average meal in a restaurant costs about $10 per person.

The cost of transportation in Ukraine

For the transportation budget, the cost of a private car or taxi in Ukraine is much higher than the cost of public transportation, and in Ukraine the cost of local transportation, such as bus rides and subways, is about $0.26. per person, but if a tourist wants to move between cities and towns in Ukraine, the cost is about 5.38 dollars. Of course, these prices vary depending on the length of the road and the type of transport used, and that you will move with any type of transportation, but if you want to spend some time on entertainment and access To museums, attractions, tourists and day tours, transfer prices, including fees paid for tickets to attractions, can be around $0.52 or JPY 57.



The cost of an entry visa to Ukraine

After mentioning the most important information related to the detailed costs of tourism in terms of accommodation and meals in Ukraine, as well as transportation and living expenses, we will address here the official expenses that an individual needs to obtain the necessary visa to complete travel procedures to Ukraine, and the cost of the visa varies from one country to another depending on the circumstances and conditions in the country , but we will consider the average cost around $40 up to $250 and issued ten days after you submit it and valid for thirty days to facilitate many different business and marketing purposes.

Does Ukraine grant visa-free entry to citizens of Arab countries?

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that his country is studying the issue of visa exemption for tourists from China, Australia and New Zealand, as well as Arab countries, in order to attract more visitors and develop the country's economic side, and that the government expects the economy to shrink by 12 percent in the second quarter of the year after it fell By 1.5 percent in the first quarter, the president said visa liberalization is essential. Entry visas for residents of these countries will also be canceled by the State of Ukraine.

How much does tourism cost in Ukraine in Saudi riyals?

  • Ukraine is one of the cheapest countries in Europe, where you can travel and enjoy everything for a small amount of money compared to other countries, and the average prices are affordable.
  • They are also interested in how to travel from Saudi Arabia to Ukraine, which is very easy, as there is no visa required from Saudi Arabia after the Ukrainian President announced in August 2020 that some countries have been exempted from visa requirements during his visit to Ukraine including Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman.

What is the degree of tourist rating in Ukraine?

A key economic indicator for the tourism sector was recently updated, showing that Russia ranked first in tourism growth in 2019 and second in Poland, while the Ukrainian capital ranked 87th in the list of the world's best cities in terms of echo, and Kiev is considered one of the best urban destinations in the world with It is among the top 100 tourist cities in the world, while Ukraine has risen from 139th to 52nd, as the report shows that Kiev enjoys creative architectural development and is one of the best cities and capitals in different Europe.

Travel conditions from Saudi Arabia to Ukraine

When traveling from Saudi Arabia to Ukraine, you need to know some important terms and conditions and procedures required before traveling there.

Now that we know the cost of tourism in Ukraine from Saudi Arabia, we now need to determine the most important actions, including:


  1. Travelers must take two doses of the new coronavirus vaccine in order to be able to travel.
  2. It is also possible to travel for those receiving only one dose of the serum, but this must be done 14 days after the date of the first dose.
  3. As for people who recover from the emerging coronavirus, they need to recover for at least 6 months.
  4. As for children under the age of 18, they must provide insurance from the Saudi Central Bank, indicating that the bank is working to cover the cost of treatment for infection with the Corona virus that occurs outside the country.
  5. A test for the newly emerging coronavirus is also carried out 72 hours before the flight and must be negative for the person in the process of traveling to Ukraine.
  6. Home quarantine is applied to those returning from travel, and coronary artery analysis is performed at the end of the period for those under 8 years old.

In the end, we hope that we have answered all the questions that revolve in your mind about how much the cost of tourism in Ukraine and what precautions you should take when traveling abroad in general.


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