Travel News: Caucasus Mountains, Georgia, best tour

Caucasus Mountains, Georgia, best tour

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Caucasus Mountains, Georgia, best tour

Want to go on a one-day or multi-day tour? You have to think of the towering green Caucasus Mountains in Georgia, which is an important tourist destination for lovers of hiking and hiking in order to discover the wonderful nature and learn about the culture of the country. Between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

The highest peak of Mount Elbrus is about 5,642 meters above sea level. It is the highest peak in Europe. It punctuates these mountains with many passes and valleys and reaches a height of more than 3,000 meters. It includes few roads and railways converge around these mountains. Which Greek geographers used to name the area or goes back to the word kaz kaz, a term given to the people who lived in the Black Sea on its southern shore.

Sightseeing tour of the Caucasus Mountains

If you decide to spend a distinguished vacation with unforgettable memories, then you should prepare your travel bag to start a tour in one of the best tourist places around the world, the Caucasus Mountains, which is strategically located and surrounded by many distinctive tourist areas that make you enjoy the beauty of nature around you and see the archaeological sites Which reflects the history and culture of the town.

You have to lower your breath a little and prepare to climb on the highest mountain peaks in Europe in the Caucasus Mountains, or you have to wait a bit to take a ride around the mountains by train to see the green nature touching the white clouds. The Caucasus Mountains and take unique photos that you can not forget, no matter how long your trip is, this place will remain the best.

The best tourist places around the Caucasus Mountains

Ananuri Castle

After you toured the Caucasus Mountains, do not miss the opportunity to visit Ananuri Castle. You should take advantage of every moment of your time to get to know the tourist places in that town. Ananuri Castle or Church is an important tourist destination. It is located on the great Inguri River, surrounded by mountains on all sides and located at a distance of Close to Tbilisi.

Gudauri town

For lovers of snow games and winter weather, do not miss to take a tour of this wonderful place, which is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Georgia. We find that most tourists come with the aim of skiing on a plateau in the south of the Caucasus Range at an altitude of 2,200 meters above sea level, and this ice product has become The most famous in the world and got a certificate accredited by the International Ski Federation "FIS" and you can practice a lot of activities that take in a unique fun to enjoy the atmosphere of fun and excitement.

The ice resort is strategically located. After you have a fun tour, you should prepare yourself to go to the historical and archaeological areas around it to learn about the country’s culture and take distinctive souvenir photos. The resort is located about 100 meters from the capital, Tbilisi, and you can take a helicopter from Tbilisi to reach the Gudauri product. In Georgia to take advantage of the time?

Kazbegi city

Kazbegi is located along the banks of the Terek River, within walking distance of the capital, Tbilisi, at an altitude of 1,740 meters above sea level. It has cool and dry weather throughout the summer and a mild and wet climate in winter. January is the coldest month in that city as the temperature reaches - 5.2°C You have to prepare well for those frigid conditions or you can visit that city in July as it is the warmest month.

You may ask yourself now, what do you find in the city of Kazbegi? You can enjoy horse riding and enjoy a wonderful trip, as this is one of the famous and popular things for many tourists, leave the fear a little and now enjoy a fun ride in the 4x4 vehicles that take you from the top of the hills and cross the high roads that you cannot climb without the 4x4 .

You can also try parachuting, which is one of the most vital and effective activities in the Caucasus Mountains and may make you feel free and enjoy the outdoors when jumping from the top of the mountains.

Climbing the Caucasus Mountains

If you are a fan of adventure and adventure, then you should be excited to climb the towering Caucasus Mountains and enjoy the picturesque nature. Although climbing is one of the exhausting sports that need young people, the experience makes you enjoy the time without feeling tired and preferably in the winter, where we find that Most of the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains are covered with snow.

Glaciers in the Caucasus Mountains

You are very fortunate to have the best mineral water in the world. Although it tastes fizzy, it is healthy because it comes from the foothills of the mountains. As for glaciers, it is produced from the transformation of running rivers into completely frozen rivers and can be used for skiing.

Departure from Tbilisi to the Caucasus Mountains

You can go to the Caucasus Mountains from Tbilisi to enjoy the beauty of nature while you are on the way and the most amazing views that become clearer as you approach the Caucasus Mountains and you will pass the Bethlem Caves with all the sacred relics recorded and about 4000 meters above sea level, and while you are in full fascination With the most luxurious and beautiful sights in the town, you will be attracted by the entertaining atmosphere with Georgian folklore and the famous Georgian music, which reflects the cultural heritage of the town. This atmosphere is the favorite and favorite of many tourists that await it in festivals and events.

Accommodation in the Caucasus Mountains

If you want to spend a special vacation for a long time, the first thing that you should care about is the place of residence and does this place provide you with all the needs that help you spend a really special time in that city and most importantly its location so that you do not waste your time to move from your place to the landmarks in This is why we bring you the solution on a plate, which is Fendi Edelweiss, which is one of the best hotels in Gudauri, Georgia, close to the Caucasus Mountains.

The hotel has a distinctive strategic location and offers you a lot of recreational activities that help you spend a special trip such as parachute jumping, cycling and horse riding, in which you will not feel bored at all. The hotel has a charming and picturesque view in the middle of green nature and high mountains. The Holy Trinity, which is one of the most famous tourist destinations that are visited by hundreds of incoming tourists from all over.

 You can enjoy a charming tour in Georgia and the Caucasus Mountains, which are interspersed with many valleys and hot springs. It is strategically located where most of the tourist areas and places are located around it that help you spend a special time without feeling bored for a moment.

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