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Batumi in winter

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Batumi in winter

Batumi in winter is one of the most important destinations for many tourists for hiking and entertainment, and Batumi is one of the most important countries that witness a significant increase in tourism; Because it attracts them with a lot of places in which to enjoy, in addition to many wonderful and picturesque views that relax the eye.

As well as the tourism activities and the amazing events that are held in it, which makes it one of the most important tourist attractions; Therefore, we will take you with us on an important tourist tour through which you can learn about the most important areas and tourist places in them, as well as the prevailing climate in them, which is an important reference for you to choose the most appropriate times in which you can visit Batumi.

Batumi in winter

This city is considered one of the areas that many tourists resort to for the purpose of hiking and entertainment. It is one of the most important tourist destinations in which visitors find pleasure; This is as a result of the large number of tourist places in it, and through which tourists enjoy when they visit many wonderful beautiful squares and scenic landscapes.

As well as the statues that arouse interest and attract many tourists, and the nature of the picturesque mountains that Batumi enjoys, which is an important tourist attraction, as well as the beaches that cannot be compared to other beaches in the world.

Batumi location

Before starting to get to know Batumi in the winter, it is necessary to know its location first. In terms of location, this city is one of the areas in Georgia near the Black Sea. It is also a tourist destination that many tourists look forward to; This is because of its wonderful location and its mild climate throughout the year, in addition to the fact that the average temperature has an important role in attracting tourists to it, especially in the winter season.

Tourist activities in Batumi

We must learn about the most important areas that many tourists can visit when heading to Batumi in the winter. Perhaps the most important of these areas are:

Eternal love statue

The streets of Batumi have many statues that impress and amaze a large number of tourists who visit this city, whether in winter or in any other season. The most famous of these statues is the statue of eternal love, which was made with great skill.

The length of this famous statue is about eight meters. The statue of eternal love relied in its manufacture on metal wires that overlap each other in a circular shape. As for the shape of this statue, it appears as if the two people are embracing each other.

Seafood market

Like any tourist city, it is necessary to provide a tourist market with all the requirements of food, souvenirs, etc., and Batumi in winter has a full market for all kinds of seafood, and in the city of Batumi there is a fish market, through which all tourists can buy all seafood, as well as They find a lot of fish of different types, fresh and different in shapes that are well cooked and delicious, prepared and served in the same market.

Botanical garden

Any important tourist destination is distinguished by the presence of parks for hiking and recreation, and Batumi in winter enjoys one of the most important and wonderful gardens that many tourists can visit and enjoy, and it was opened in 1912. Baume is only 10 km away.

It is also one of the largest gardens in the country, in addition to the fact that through this garden it is possible to roam, take a walk and learn about all kinds of beautiful plants with wonderful scenic views, especially at the time of sunset.

Europe Square

It is one of the most beautiful and most important areas in Batumi in winter. This square dates back to the nineteenth century. It has now become a free port and thus provides a lot of atmosphere of an aesthetic and natural nature. All tourists can visit this square and enjoy the most beautiful models of architectural buildings and exquisite designs. And it's not just that; Rather, it is characterized by the presence of many places such as cafes and restaurants in separate areas of this square.

Zodiac alphabet

This tower is considered one of the most beautiful landmarks of Batumi in the winter, as it is considered one of the skyscrapers, as well as a wonderful example of individuality and excellence as it indicates and expresses the Georgian people, and it is considered one of the very high towers, which reaches a length of about 130 meters, and this tower contains a large group From the Georgian alphabet up to 33 letters.

In terms of industry, these letters were made of aluminum and the length of one letter is up to 4 meters. This tower is also an honorable tourist interface and an important destination for many tourists to enjoy. When climbing to this tower, you can enjoy the scenic views of the city, and they can Get special foods from the restaurant of this tower.

Piazza Square

The square is one of the most important places that anyone who wants to go to Batumi can go in the winter, and Piazza Square is characterized by the presence of unique architecture as well as cafes and other places, it is one of the most wonderful interfaces favorite to all locals as well as tourists coming to Georgia With the aim of spending leisure time, drinking and delicious delicious food, this square was designed to be an important example of the blending of ancient styles with various modern trends.

Stroll down the Boulevard

A stroll in the Boulevard is one of the most favorite excursions for many tourists. The Boulevard was established in 1884, but with the passage of time it has changed, becoming one of the most beautiful and interesting creative scenes, as the street is considered one of the long, wonderful streets that reaches a length of 7 kilometers.

It is also located near Batumi Bay and contains a large number of attractions that fascinate and amaze many visitors, and a large number of memorial photos can also be taken that remind you of this trip throughout your life and you cannot forget it.

This street also contains all the necessities of cafes and gardens, in addition to a large number of wonderfully carved seats as well as modern seats, and there are a large number of wonderful high-end fountains that are unparalleled in any of the tourist areas.

In conclusion, and after we were able to accompany you on a wonderful and interesting trip and tour in Batumi in the winter, with mentioning the most important areas and tourist activities that many tourists can go to and enjoy, we hope that our article has won your admiration, and benefit from our article as an important reference for you When you go to Batumi, we wish you good health.

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